Meeting November 30th 2014

Posted by Lamorna Nightingale on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Present: Henry Liang, Lamorna Nightingale, Tina Marsden, Derek Galloway, Lisa Cartwright, Rosalie Bourne, Lyndie Leviston, Kate Wiktorowicz, James Kortum, Rachel Herbert, Jude Huxtable, Jocelyn Fazzone, Michael Scott.

Apologies: David Leviston, Angus McPherson, Marie Heinrich, Samantha Joseph.


Outlines of the Office Bearers' positions:

President: Direct the meetings, write meeting agendas, delegate jobs and following up that th...

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AGM Meeting November 30th 2014

Posted by Lamorna Nightingale on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Present: Lamorna Nightingale, Jocelyn Fazzone,Tina Marsden, Lisa Cartwright, Henry Liang, Rachel Herbert, James Kortum, Derek Galloway, Michael Scott, Lyndie Leviston, Jude Huxtable, Kate Wiktorowicz, Rosalie Bourne.

Apologies: Angus McPherson, Marie Heinrich, Sarah Broughton, Samantha Joseph.

Started: 10.30am

Minutes of the last meeting accepted.

Proposed: Lamorna, Seconded: Rosalie.

President’s Report, presented by Lamorna Nightingale, accepted.

Proposed: Derek, Se...

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Meeting June 8th 2014

Posted by Henry Liang on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Attending: Lamorna Nightingale, Jocelyn Fazzone, Angus McPherson,

Henry Liang, Tina Marsden, Derek Galloway.

Apologies: David and Lyndie Leviston, Kel Grennan, Rosalie Bourne, Marie Heinrich, Rachel Herbert, Sam Joseph, Elia Bosshard.

Last meeting's minutes accepted.

2. Eistedfod matters:

134 registrations have been received so far.

 Action: Derek to put one more email out to notify that registrations are closing. 

Action: Rosalie to put program together.

Some timetabling has changed...

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Meeting March 30th 2014

Posted by Henry Liang on Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Attending: Lamorna, James, Rosalie, Derek, Rachel, Kate, Marie, Sam.

Apologies: Jocelyn, Henry, Jude, Angus, Tina, Kinsey, David and Lyndie

Item One: Eisteddfod

To hold it at the conservatorium looks problematic

Conservatorium would need to take all the income.

Idea: to hold other smaller events there, but not for events where we make the most of our money. Idea: if we have a "flute day" there would be a better idea

Accompanists fees are the biggest expenseIf we are going to hold e...

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Meeting February 2nd 2014

Posted by Henry Liang on Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Present :Derek Galloway, David Leviston,
Lyndie Leviston, Henry Liang, Kel Grennan, Lamorna Nightingale, Rosalie Bourne, Jocelyn Fazzone, Kate Wiktorowicz, Elia Bosshard, Kinzey Alexander, James Kortum,
Samantha Joseph, Rachel Herbert.

Apologies: Jude Huxtable, Angus McPherson.

Meeting commenced at 10.07am.

The History of Australian Flute Players

Lamorna met with Michael Lea from the powerhouse museum. He has access to a collection of archived flute articles, old flutes and flu...

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Meeting July 11th 2013

Posted by Henry Liang on Monday, August 26, 2013
Present : Derek Galloway, David Leviston, Jude Huxtable, Lamorna Nightingale, Angus McPherson, Rosalie Bourne, Jocelyn Fazzone, Tina Marsden, Sarah Broughton.

Apologies: Lyndie Leviston, Henry Liang, Kel Grennan, Marie Heinrich.

Eisteddfod Washup.

All ran smoothly. Timing was good between sections and nothing finished late. There was much positive feedback from adjudicators who were all happy to be part of the event.

It was thought to be a successful innovation partnering an experienced adjudica...

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Meeting 28th April 2013

Posted by Lamorna Nightingale on Monday, April 29, 2013

Flute Society Meeting Minutes at Sound Hub, April 28 2013.

Opened: 9.10am

Present : Lamorna Nightingale, Jocelyn Fazzone, Rosalie Bourne, Tina Marsden, Derek Galloway, Rachel Herbert.

Apologies: Jude Huxtable, Sarah Broughton, Angus McPherson, Marie Heinrich, Lyndie Leviston, David Leviston, Henry Liang, Samantha Joseph, Kellie Grennan.

Agenda Items:

Gala Day Wrap up

  • A very successful day. Everything came together well and ran smoothly.

  • Heat was a problem and Lamorna has confirmed w...

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Meeting 23rd Jan 2013

Posted by Lamorna Nightingale on Monday, April 29, 2013

Present: Lamorna Nightingale, Jocelyn Fazzone, Derek Galloway, David Leviston, Lyndie Leviston, Angus McPherson, Marie Heinrich.

Apologies: Rosalie Bourne, Katrina Kelvin, Rachel Herbert, Kel Grennan.

Gala Day: Sunday 24th of March chosen as date for the Gala Day.

Lamorna to try and secure AIM or MLC as possible venues.

No other viable venues were put forward.

It was decided to revisit the Masterclass model of last year but incorporate the preparation

of a little ensemble piece for the...

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and one more addition...

Posted by Lamorna Nightingale on Monday, November 26, 2012
Rosalie Bourne is also on the Committee!

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extra details for AGM minutes

Posted by Lamorna Nightingale on Monday, November 26, 2012
Forgot about two important people on the committee!
Secretary: Jude Huxtable
Committee member: Sarah Broughton

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